Clapton’s rendition of I Shot The Sheriff

     Listened to Eric Clapton today. He is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and guitarist. He started his career in the early 60’s and up to now he can still be seen performing. He recieved numerous awards throughout his career and earned the respect and admiration of many through his singing and guitar playing skills. The record I have is Philippine pressed by DYNA products under license from RSO records. Both the songs in this record is also included in his LP 461 Ocean Boulevard.
      The first song in this record is entitled I Shot The Sheriff. Tracktime is about 3:30. It was produced by Tom Dowd ang written by Bob Marley which was also the man who originally sang the song. It is a song about a man who confessed on shooting a sheriff but is wrongly accused of having killed the deputy sheriff. He also said that i was just a means of self defense. Clapton’s cover of the song was released on July 1974 and it is the most successful cover of the song. It peaked at number on the Billboard Top 100 and was even inducted to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2003.
     The second song this 45 is entitled Give Me Strength. Tracktime os about 2:49 and was released in 1974. It was written by Clapton and produced by Tom Dowd. It was also included as a soundtrack for the movie Peter’s Friends. The singer is praying to tje Lord to give him strength to overcone his problems and trials.