Brass Brass Brass….

     Today an old man sold these brass decorations in my junkshop. I was talking to him and he said that he needed some money so he sold them. The one in the left is a wall decoration. The one in the middle is an ashtray. And the onen in the right is a jar.
     The wall decoration has an inscription that says “MEMORY OF KOREA” tried to find some reference in the internet but could not find any. There is also a map of the Korean Peninsula at the center.
     The ashtray has some intricate designs in its edges and at the center there is a picture which I think is a bar where people are having a drink and enjoying themselves.
     The last is just a brass jar with some intricate designs in it. I was planning on just scrapping them all but my mom stopped me and she said that she will just use it as a decoration for the house.