Bottles bottles bottles…..

    Our City Fiesta is usually celebrated during the second Sunday of November in honor of Nuestra Señora dela Soledad de Porta Vaga (one of the names of Virgin Mary.) As you can see the people living here in Cavite City are mostly Roman Catholics. During our fiesta celebration there will surely be lots of merry making, eating, and drinking.
      When I opened my junkshop today people were coming in droves selling their scraps and junk. Mostly were bottles that was used yesterday. Some of the bottles were gin, brandy, softdrink, and ketchup bottles.
     Here are some pictures of the scrap bottles that was sold today. The following brands are the ones that are mostly being sold in my junkshop.
Ginebra San Miguel
(Owned by San Miguel Corporation)
Emperador Brandy
(Emperador Distillers Incorporation a subsidiary of Alliance Global Group Inc)
RC Cola
(Asiawide Refreshment Corporation under license from Royal Crown Cola)
UFC Banana Ketchup
      Whenever I buy these bottles we usually stack them inside some sacks in order to maximize the space where we will put them. Usually once a week there will be a forward truck that will pick up the bottles from my shop it averages about 300-350 sacks of bottles. Then they will deliver it to their warehouse in order for it to be cleaned and sanitized for it to be useable again.  Some are being delivered to the respective companies that owns them while the defective one are being used as bottles for soy sauce or vinegars.