Binibini By Rainmakers

    Listened to Rainmakers record today. Not to be confused with the American Band, they were a band here in the Philippines in the 70’s and part of the Manila Sound Era. The group is composed of Joel Macanaya, Joseph Lansang, Ramon Villanueva, and Jojo Grospe. They had their first big break when Vicor Records tapped them to sing the song Pang-umaga, Pang-tanghali, Pang-gabi it was used in the movie of the same title.
     The 45 record that I have was released under the Blackgold Record Label a subsidiary of Vicor Music. Both of the songs in this 45 vinyl record came from their Self Entitled LP. The record had some white marks I just wiped it off after taking the pictures with water and cotton rag. There was no visible scratches and surface noise.
     The first song in the record is entitled Binibini tracktime is 3:27. It was written by J. Lansang and Lolo Hugo. Arranged by Amado Pascual and produced by Angel Tiongson.  The song Binibini, Lady in English is about a man praising a lady who he is in love with. He also states that it is a nice feeling giving offering to the lady.
    The second song on this 45 record is entitled Ale Ale. Tracktime is 3:30 and was written by J. Lansang and Lolo Hugo. It was arranged by Butch Miraflor and produced by Angel Tiongson. Ale is the Tagalog translation of Woman. Ale Ale is a term used in the Philippines to call a woman. In the song the man is calling out to the woman, but she keeps on ignoring him. He just wants the woman to take notice of him.


  1. Sergio Flores