Betty Spaghetty Dolls

     Found these Betty Spaghetty dolls today while we were weighing some scrap reject plastics. It is made by the Ohio Art Company also the makers of etch a sketch toys. It was introduced in 1998 as an alternative toys for girls ages four and up (source from wikipedia.) It has interchangeable parts and its hair feels like rubber.
     I did a google search to find more information regarding this doll and found out that it was discontinued by early 2000. In Ebay i saw some dolls listing for 5-10 Usd for used or pre loved ones while the sealed ones go for 100 Usd and up.
Some individual pictures of Betty Spaghetty and friends.
     For some people especially if you are a girl who grew up in the 90’s it brings back a certain kind of nostalgia to be able to see toys that you grew up with. I hope that you seeing these dolls made you think of your childhood and how happy you were while playing with you Betty Spaghetty dolls.