Bagets Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record

Bagets LP Front


Bagets Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Track List

Side A

Song Title                               Singer                             Composer

  1. Growing Up                      Gary Valeciano              Odette Quesada
  2. Why Don’t You Care       Harner                             Harner
  3. Telefone                             Chona Cruz                     Greg Machieson
  4. Why Me?                           Jo Khrishner                  Giorgio Moroder
  5. High School High          Spirit                                 Mon Del Rosario

Side B

             Song Title                               Singer                            Composer

  1. So It’s You                     Raymond Lauchengco     Cecile Azarcon-Picazo
  2. Self-Respect                 ZZYZX                                   Toto Gentica
  3. This Is A House          Spirit                                      Lennox-Stewart
  4. Rock It                           E.Z. Daniels                        Herbie Hancock
  5. Farewell                        Raymond Lauchengco     Oedette Quesada


Bagets back


The Original Movie Soundtrack of Bagets was released under the label of Sunshine Records which is a recording company under Vicor Music Corporation. Bagets featured various songs and artist but like the title the songs can easily be related to the youth who are starting to grow up. The front cover of the  Bagets vinyl record basically shows different pictures of the lead characters and the movies title. The back cover on the other hand shows the records track list and the logo of the movie.

Bagets is a Filipino word meaning youth or teenager. It is the Central theme of the movie, dealing with young kids as they experience growing up. It is a two part youth oriented movie made by Viva Films about 5 boys in their senior year of high school. Bagets was a huge success in the Philippines and it was very popular to teenagers at that time. Boys especially started copying the hairstyles and clothing styles of the movie’s lead stars. It also paved the way for more youth-oriented movies in the Philippines.

The plot of Bagets basically deals with the lives of five young boys. Namely the next bot Adie, “overstaying” TonTon, the geeky Gilbert, martial arts buff Toffee, and rich guy Arnel as they try to graduate from high school. They were kicked out from their previous school. Along the way they experience and encounter what a typical adolescent kid grows up to. love, family problems, misunderstandings, and fighting. The lead characters also experienced separate problems due to their different backgrounds after overcoming their different problems and graduation day is nearing it dawned on them that they should start growing up to prepare for life after high school.






  1. Dys
  2. Gil