Asterix And The Great Rescue

asterix cartridge


Asterix And The Great Rescue was also included in the games that was brought by my worker. It was complete with box, cartridge, and manual is still in good condition. Once I get a Sega Genesis Console I will check if it still works. I wasn’t able to play this game in my younger years and now I am raring to play this game in order to experience the game play for the first time.

asterix box front

asterix box back


Asterix and the Great Rescue is a platforming game developed by Core Design and published by Sega it was released in 1993 for the Genesis. And the release was exclusive for North America and Europe. It was also the first time Sega tied a game to the asterix comic and media franchise. Asterix and the Great Rescue was based on the long running french comic entitle Asterix the Gaul. The characters must basically rescue Getafix and  Dogmatix from the Romans who are in the process of taking over Gaul. It is a side-scrolling platform game. And you can choose the difficulty in the start up screen as well as he ability to turn the on or off the music and the sound effects. the Genesis version allowed the choosing of the characters at the start of a level.

asterix manual

There were mixed reviews regarding the Asterix game. Some criticized that there was a steep difficulty slope and poor controls. It annoyingly easy to mix up the button for swapping special weapons with the button for using special weapons. furthermore the hard to control jumps was very frustating because sometimes you need precise jumps for the game. There were also some reviews that says that the game is pretty entertaining and compulsive. And for players who love puzzle game it is mostly recommended.


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