Antique Frasco Bottle

      One of my Friends went to my Junk Shop the other day and asked me if I was interested in buying a square shaped green bottle. I thought that it looked cool and old so I decided to buy it. I was looking for some markings to identify what type of bottle it was or what the bottle was used for. Since I could not find any markings to help me identify the said bottle I decided to post it in one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of. After a while one of the members commented in my post that it was called a Frasco Bottle and the content that was put in the bottle was gin. The bottle was manufactured and used before by many Destileria (Distillery) Companies here the Philippines like Ginebra, Ayala, La Fortuna, La Rosario, Limtuaco and many others. Since I found out what it was used for I did a little bit of research and I was surprised with the age of the bottle. It was first used in the early 1890’s here in the Philippines up to the early 1940’s and stopped when World War Two had begun. The age of the bottle really surprised me because I thought that this kind of bottle was fairly new and it had no historical value, but it being almost a hundred years old and being scarce many bottle collectors here would definitely collect one or more of these bottles because of its age and historical value.
     I asked my friend were he found the bottle, he said to me that owner was one of his friends parents and since he saw that in my Facebook page that I was posting old soft drink bottles that I find in my junk shop he thought that I might be collecting them and I might be interested. The good thing was that I bought it even though I didn’t know what it was and what it was used for. The bottle was slightly dirty as you can see at the picture but with just a little cleaning it will look almost brand new. Also it uses a wooden cork to seal the top lid and it has a rope that I think is made from Abaca that is tied to the neck of the bottle and some the other end is inserted to the cork stopper. Further inspection of the bottle showed that it has a small chip on one of the side in the bottom part. With its age it is remarkable that they were able to keep it in this good condition. After I knew its age I handled it very carefully to avoid causing more harm to the bottle and also to prevent it from breaking. I decided to keep this bottle as part of my growing collection of bottles. And I wish that in the future I can still get some more of this bottle to add it my bottle collection.



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