An Air Supply fix

     Just finished listening to this 45 vinyl record of Air Supply. They started their career  in the 70’s and they were from Australia. Their music genre is pop rock and slow rock. The main members were Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell. During the 80’s they had hit songs even in the United States. They were also inducted to the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) in 2013. The 45 record that I have is Philippine pressed by Octoarts International under license by Arista Records Inc.
     I Can Wait Forever is the first song in the record. Its tracktime is 5:08, it was produced by David Foster and Jay Gordon and written by Graham Russell, David Foster, and Jay Graydon. The song was used as a soundtrack for the movie Ghostbusters and also in its album in 1984.
    The second song in this 45 record is entitled Just Another Woman. Tracktime is 3:47 and it was included in their LP Life Support (1979) and Lost In Love (1980.) It was produced by Robie Porter and Charles Fisher and written by Graham Russell.