A Looney Time With Sylvester

     Got this today a Sylvester toy clock. Found it when on of my men was segrating his junk and scrap. He first debuted in 1945 on the cartoon Life With Feathers  and he and Tweety first paired in 1947 on the show Tweetie Pie. During the Golden Age of cartoons (1960-1969) he appeared in 103 cartoons and won three Academy Awards the most for any Looney Tunes Character. Information came from Wikipedia. He is under the Looney Tunes Animation Label which is produced by Warner Brothers.
      The toy clock just needed some cleaning because of all the dirt and there were some melted rubber bands on his face. I just cleaned it with some soap and cotton rags. After I bought two pieces of C sized batteries to see if it would still work and work it did. I am using it now as a time piece in my Junkshop.