461 Ocean Boulevard Eric Clapton

461 ocean boulevard eric clapton


461 Ocean Boulevard Track List

Side One

  1. I Shot The Sheriff 4:30
  2. Motherless Children 4:55
  3. Give Me Strength 2:51
  4. Willie And The Hand Jive 3:31
  5. Get Ready 3:50

Side Two

  1. I Can’t Hold Out (4:10)
  2. Please Be With Me (3:25)
  3. Let It Grow (4:57)
  4. Steady Rollin’ Man (3:14)
  5. Mainline Florida (4:05)

461 Ocean Boulevard was the second studio album of English musician Eric Clapton. It was recorded in Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida from April up to May 1974. Total length for the album is 43:21 and was produced by Tom Dowd. The songs genre were mostly blues rock and it was released under the RSO label. 461 Ocean Boulevard was a house in the town of Golden Beach, Florida it was near Miami where Eric Clapton lived while making the album.

After his battle with substance abuse, Eric Clapton started this album. A cover for I Shot The Sheriff a sond by Bob Marley was included in the album. At first he didn’t want to include the song in this album, but due to the insistence of his bandmates they included it. Clapton’s song Let It Grow is a reflection of his past struggles and rebirth as a person and as a musician. The album peaked at number 1 in the 1974 US Billboard 200 partly because of his cover song of I Shot The Sheriff. Many fans recieved the song well some even say that it was the most beautiful cover of the song. I Shot The Sheriff also peaked at number 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 of 1974. Rolling Stone place 461 Ocean Boulevard at number 409 on their 2012 list of top 500 albums of all time. All in all the album is very nice to listen to. It can help you relax and unwind. Definitely an album worth recommending.



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