1970’s RC Cola Bottle

     Got these RC bottles today together with the Royal Tru Lem-O-Lime. Paid 75 Pesos (1.66 USD) for it. It was launched in the USA in 1905 by a pharmacist by the name of Claud A. Hatcher. It was first called Chero Cola then in 1934 it was reformulated abd renamed as Royal Crown (RC) Cola.
     This brand of Cola I know but what I didn’t know was that it was being distributed here in the Philippines in the 70’s. Today for the first time I got to see the RC Cola bottle of the 70’s. I then did some research and found out that Asiawide Brewery was the distributor of RC Cola in the Philippines in the 70’s. Then it took a 3 decadr hiatus and in 2002 RC Cola was back in the Philippines with a new look that I know and is distributed by Asiawide Refreshments Corporation. Below is a comparison on the 70’s bottle and the present bottle that is used by RC Cola.